Professor Anita Heiss joins UQ

                          The University of Queensland has welcomed multi-award winning writer and Indigenous rights champion Dr Anita Heiss as a Professor of Communication.

                          12 February 2019
                          UQ Entrepreneur in Residence Ran Heinmann

                          Haystack founder and CEO Ran Heimann will bring 20 years of business experience to The University of Queensland with his appointment as Entrepreneur in Residence for the ilab Germinate PLUS accelerator program.

                          13 December 2018
                          Dr Chris Hay for the UQ Drama: Building Pathways to Creative Careers team and right, Dr Kay Colthorpe

                          The University of Queensland celebrated excellence in teaching and learning at Brisbane’s Customs House last night.

                          30 October 2018

                          University students with a range of neurodiverse traits will be able to boost their employability through a new work experience program that helps them breakdown barriers, gain skills, and make vital connections.

                          24 April 2018

                          Queensland school teachers are chalking up around $230 million a year in health-related work, according to University of Queensland research.

                          17 April 2018
                          Senior students from St Peter’s Lutheran College visited UQ for the Idea Hub Discovery program

                          Young innovators in high school will now be able to get a head start on the road to becoming future entrepreneurs.

                          29 March 2018

                          The University of Queensland ranks in the top 50 in the world in 22 subjects, with the latest international rankings placing UQ first in Australia for Chemical Engineering and Environmental Sciences.

                          5 March 2018

                          Students with autism, anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and other neurodiverse needs will soon have greater access to employment opportunities through a new Queensland hub.

                          17 January 2018
                          Queensland's Acting Chief Scientist Dr Christine Williams at the HYPE UQ SPIN Lab announcement

                          Twelve startup teams will be vying for victory during the 2018 Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast after being selected for The University of Queensland’s inaugural global HYPE UQ SPIN Lab sports innovation program.

                          15 January 2018
                          The UQx Sustainable Energy MicroMasters provides the knowledge and tools to help better understand and bring clean and sustainable energy for all.

                          The University of Queensland’s UQx Massive Open Online Course program has reached two million enrolments, and is set to continue growing as it expands its MicroMasters offerings.

                          12 January 2018
                          Dr Vincent Wheatley.

                          From economics to hypersonics, teachers at The University of Queensland are finding award-winning ways to teach students complex subjects.

                          19 December 2017
                          UQ hosts China-Australia University Summit on Teaching and Learning

                          Senior academics from China Nine and Australia’s Group of Eight universities will gather at The University of Queensland today (November 27) for the fourth China-Australia University Summit on Teaching and Learning.

                          27 November 2017
                          Young lifesavers will boost their leadership skills at UQ.

                          The state’s future lifesaving leaders will strengthen not only their beach skills but also their business skills when they gather at The University of Queensland this weekend (24-26 November).

                          23 November 2017
                          (L-R) Ms Inge Matt, Dr Barbara Maenhaut, Associate Professor Tim McIntyre, Dr Chris Landorf, Ms Rhea Jain

                          The cream of The University of Queensland’s teaching crop has been fêted at the annual UQ Awards for Excellence in Teaching and Learning.

                          31 October 2017
                          L-R: PVC Professor Doune Macdonald, Professor Anthony Cassimatis, Dr Lisa Fitzgerald, Dr Poh Wah Hillock, DVC Professor Joanne Wright

                          Three University of Queensland teachers have been recognised for their dedication and contributions to student learning at the Australian Awards for University Teaching.

                          14 October 2017

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