• A high-heeled dinosaur?

                            A 24-tonne dinosaur may have walked in a ‘high-heeled’ fashion, according to University of Queensland research.

                            17 May 2019
                          • Scientists ‘paint’ Mona Lisa on a quantum canvas

                            The Mona Lisa, Van Gogh’s Starry Night and dozens of other images have been recreated on a quantum ‘canvas’ the width of a human hair, thanks to University of Queensland physicists.

                            17 May 2019
                          • Honey and money: invention has beekeepers abuzz

                            Bee venom that can be used for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and research into dementia, HIV and arthritis can now be easily and profitably harvested thanks to a University of Queensland student’s invention.

                            10 May 2019

                          Stark cultural differences in attitudes to public transport have been revealed by an international study featuring a University of Queensland academic.

                          8 May 2019
                          Stock image

                          Two rescued koalas treated for a life-threatening disease will be released back into the wild by Queensland researchers as part of a project to help protect the threatened species and improve genetic diversity.

                          2 May 2019
                          John O'Hagan AM

                          World War II veteran Dr John O’Hagan AM has been on an incredible journey since starting his studies at The University of Queensland 80 years ago in 1939.

                          24 April 2019
                          The full UQ Space team, ready to watch their projects lift off at Thunda Down Under 2019.

                          Experiments furthering humanity’s ambitions in space are to be launched later this week by University of Queensland students.

                          15 April 2019
                          UQ’s Centre for Animal Welfare and Ethics is working to improve animal welfare during farming, slaughter and transport

                          A new centre promoting animal welfare standards internationally is to be established in China, thanks to a University of Queensland-led project.

                          9 April 2019
                          A diabetic performs a pin-prick test.

                          Breakthrough artificial intelligence developed in Queensland could improve insulin dosing for diabetics and transform the way aeroplane engine wear and tear is monitored.

                          25 March 2019
                          A plains-wanderer

                          A successful rabbit cull two decades ago has had unforeseen consequences, with a study finding wedge-tailed eagles are now preying on one of Australia’s rarest birds.

                          19 March 2019
                          Coral reefs are among the most threatened ecosystems on Earth

                          Global warming and acidifying oceans are creating an intense competition between coral and algae that both are set to lose.

                          18 March 2019

                          New research has revealed that human threats – like hunting and land clearing – are severely limiting the areas in which species can survive.

                          13 March 2019
                          Dr Ubide and her team have analysed variations in the chemical composition of volcanic crystals

                          Research shedding light on the internal “plumbing” of volcanoes may help scientists better understand volcanic eruptions and unrest.

                          1 March 2019
                          A paddock showing a large tract of pasture dieback.

                          University of Queensland researchers trying to pinpoint the mystery killer behind ‘pasture dieback’ find their research is fascinating – but they would much prefer to watch grass grow.

                          28 February 2019
                          A bird stands on the shore.

                          Research has shown that international cooperation has been critical in protecting migratory shorebirds in the Asia Pacific, but ongoing challenges exist.

                          21 February 2019
                          Quantum physicist Dr Jacqui Romero

                          University of Queensland quantum physicist Dr Jacqui Romero has been selected as a L’Oréal-UNESCO International Rising Talent for 2019.

                          14 February 2019
                          A turtle on the sand

                          A trial of ways to cool turtle nests is underway in Queensland’s Far North as global warming threatens turtle populations throughout the tropics.

                          11 February 2019
                          A brightly coloured fish swims over a coral from the "twilight zone'.

                          Corals lurking in deeper, darker waters could one day help to replenish shallow water reefs under threat from ocean warming and bleaching events, according to researchers.

                          6 February 2019

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