Jacaranda trees bloom in front of a sandstone UQ building.

                          The University of Queensland has climbed another place in the 2019 QS Graduate Employability Rankings, to be number 48 in the world.

                          12 September 2018
                          Newcrest Mining Ltd Executive General Manager Public Affairs and Social Performance Ian Kemish, and UQ Vice-Chancellor and President Professor Peter H?j

                          The University of Queensland and Newcrest Mining Limited have signed a partnership agreement that paves the way for long-term education, training and research activities.

                          30 August 2018
                          UQ hydrometallurgists Dr James Vaughan

                          With rising sales of electric cars, a new company developing more efficient production of essential battery materials is raising funds to build a demonstration plant.

                          9 July 2018
                          NIF Facility Fellow Dr Karine Mardon with the Positron Emission Tomography/Computed Tomography (PET/CT) hosted at the Centre for Advanced Imaging.

                          University of Queensland researchers will share in a $53 million funding windfall to support imaging infrastructure that allows experts to better understand the human body and the world around us.

                          15 June 2018
                          Artist's impression of the Warwick Solar Farm

                          The University of Queensland is set to become the first major university in the world to offset 100 per cent of its electricity usage through its own renewable energy asset.

                          7 June 2018
                          Hepburn Wind, a 4.1MW two-turbine wind farm cooperative

                          People locked out of the renewable energy market by cost, knowledge barriers or restrictive housing arrangements, such as renters, could benefit from emerging community energy schemes.

                          5 March 2018
                          The UQx Sustainable Energy MicroMasters provides the knowledge and tools to help better understand and bring clean and sustainable energy for all.

                          The University of Queensland’s UQx Massive Open Online Course program has reached two million enrolments, and is set to continue growing as it expands its MicroMasters offerings.

                          12 January 2018
                          UQ has a range of experts available to talk to media during the Queensland election campaign. iStockphoto.

                          UQ has a range of experts available to talk to media during the Queensland election campaign.

                          30 October 2017
                          One research project aims to develop crop yield prediction systems using satellite data and biophysical crop modelling. iStockphoto

                          University of Queensland research projects to develop better batteries for renewable energy and a way of predicting crop yields from space have been funded under a joint Queensland-China scheme.

                          17 October 2017
                          Mount Isa mine and city; weathered zinc ore, and high grade copper ore

                          The University of Queensland has been invited to take a leadership role in the design and management of the new $27.125 million Strategic Resources Exploration Program.

                          11 October 2017
                          Members of the W&J Traditional Owners Council outside the Federal Court

                          Unfinished business: Adani, the State, and the indigenous rights struggle of the Wangan and Jagalingou traditional owners council

                          12 June 2017

                          A range of University of Queensland experts is available to comment on issues around the Federal Budget. Journalists can search by topic or name at UQ Experts or contact the following experts.

                          10 May 2017
                          A CQMRG organised mine inspection in Central Queensland

                          The tricky and expensive task of accessing knowledge on rehabilitating and preparing to close mining sites has been eased by a unique online resource developed by University of Queensland scientists and Central Queensland coal mine rehabilitation...

                          6 April 2017
                          UQ's research will benefit Queensland and have global impact

                          University of Queensland researchers are celebrating a combined multi-million-dollar success in the Queensland Government’s Advance Queensland Fellowships scheme.

                          24 March 2017
                          Exploration is not keeping up with demand

                          Transition to a low-carbon society will result in enormous demand for minerals to manufacture clean technologies, creating the need for a global resource governance framework, according to research published today.

                          16 March 2017

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