UQ's research will benefit Queensland and have global impact

                          University of Queensland researchers are celebrating a combined multi-million-dollar success in the Queensland Government’s Advance Queensland Fellowships scheme.

                          24 March 2017

                          The Australian Research Council has backed three projects led by The University of Queensland to deliver innovative solutions to the resources sector with $1.2 million in competitive funding announced today.

                          30 January 2017
                          Associate Professor Benjamin Hogan received $1,228,364

                          University of Queensland health and medical research projects aimed at improving the nation’s healthcare will benefit from a national allocation of more than $483 million announced today.

                          3 December 2016
                          Owen Finegan, Professor Brandon Wainwright, Dr Laura Genovesi

                          A future where no children suffer deadly brain tumours may be within reach, thanks to the vision of a team of researchers from The University of Queensland and generous funding.

                          2 November 2016
                          Dr Ivan Kassal, recipient of a Westpac Research Fellowship.

                          Research into advanced solar-energy harvesting at the University of Queensland is getting a fresh spark, thanks to the inaugural Westpac research fellowships.

                          21 April 2016

                          A new way to detect explosives and an alternative to antibiotics for animals are among 19 research projects at The University of Queensland to secure funding to build the state’s future.

                          20 April 2016
                          A before and after of coral bleaching in American Samoa: XL Catlin Seaview Survey.

                          The University of Queensland has been tasked with helping fight climate change on the Great Barrier Reef, just days after government agencies revealed an increase in coral bleaching and mortality.

                          15 March 2016
                          Professor Naomi Wray, Professor Peter Visscher and Associate Professor Jian Yang ... analysing very large data sets.

                          A $7 million Australian Government grant will propel the advance of personalised medicine for common diseases, in a five-year research project at The University of Queensland.

                          3 March 2016

                          The Australian Research Council has given the green light today to more than 100 University of Queensland research projects, and will back them to the tune of almost $42 million.

                          30 October 2015
                          Professor David Craik said plants could be like biofactories for producing next-generation pharmaceuticals.

                          Taking medicine in the future could be as simple as eating a sunflower seed or drinking a cup of tea, thanks to an award to a University of Queensland researcher.

                          14 October 2015
                          UQ was awarded a total of 77 health and medical research grants today

                          Australia’s first Centre of Research Excellence in Chronic Kidney Disease will be established at The University of Queensland with a $2.5 million grant announced today.

                          17 October 2014
                          Last summer, one student investigated how social and political changes influence media portrayal of single mothers

                          The University of Queensland is seeking students who would like to contribute to research discoveries as a part of the UQ Summer Research program.

                          17 July 2014
                          Queensland Minister Ian Walker, left, Dr Goce Dimeski and Dr Paul Masci.

                          The University of Queensland has welcomed the Queensland Government’s $1 million commitment to translating medical research into better health care.

                          17 April 2014

                          University of Queensland projects to combat the misuse of pharmaceuticals, classify the risk of prisoners reoffending, investigate violent crimes and assist ex-prisoners with disabilities have received prestigious and lucrative recognition.

                          22 January 2014
                          The sitting pad: Prompts workers to stand up.

                          University of Queensland researchers have been awarded $136,000 for two innovative ideas designed to get people off their seats to combat ‘chair disease’.

                          13 November 2013

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