3D printed models of dog skulls are helping University of Queensland vets to save animals and educate tomorrow’s veterinary students.

                          14 May 2019

                          Instead of slowing down, New Zealanders appear to increase their pre-drinking after the age of 30, a University of Queensland study has found.

                          13 May 2019

                          A hormone produced by stressed plants could combat damage caused by salty soils, considerably increasing plant growth.

                          13 May 2019

                          Stark cultural differences in attitudes to public transport have been revealed by an international study featuring a University of Queensland academic.

                          8 May 2019

                          Adolescents who self-harm experience heightened sensations across their skin and misjudge bodily cues such as hunger and headaches, University of Queensland-led research has found.

                          8 May 2019
                          Structure of the YenTcA toxin complex looking down through the central channel.

                          Research into an intricate toxin delivery system found in bacteria could overcome the problem of pesticide resistance in insects, and might even lead to new cancer treatments.

                          7 May 2019

                          A red vintage truck named ‘Roxy’ is helping drive research to find a cure for motor neurone disease.

                          18 April 2019

                          Administering ibuprofen immediately after birth may reduce brain damage in tiny growth-restricted babies, University of Queensland researchers have found.

                          18 April 2019

                          In an Australian-first, The University of Queensland will join forces with the Global Antibiotic Research and Development Partnership (GARDP) to tackle the growing problem of drug-resistant infections.

                          12 April 2019
                           A group of children at the UQ camp.

                          An eight-year-old boy with cerebral palsy hopes to be able to put on his socks by himself and stand at the kitchen bench to make his own lunch following a trial of intensive therapy this school holidays.

                          11 April 2019
                          LGBTQI graphic

                          Diversity training for physiotherapists could help overcome care concerns among LGBTIQ+ clients, a University of Queensland study has found.

                          9 April 2019
                          Immigration is a particularly charged political issue, researcher Timothy Gravelle says.

                          Australians’ willingness to accept immigrants and asylum seekers is heavily influenced by the neighbourhoods they live in, a University of Queensland researcher has found.

                          9 April 2019
                          Alex Bond of the Aboriginal Environments Research Centre teaches students about native plants on the UQ campus

                          The University of Queensland leads Australia in a nationwide assessment of research impact and engagement released today by the Australian Research Council.

                          29 March 2019

                          The University of Queensland and Cricket Australia are developing a new standard giving community cricket clubs and associations access to high quality, competitively-priced cricket balls.

                          28 March 2019
                          Agricultural research ... one of the areas where UQ excelled in ERA

                          Excellence in Research for Australia 2018 has rated UQ above and well above world standard in more specialised fields of research than any other Australian university, across 93 disciplines.

                          27 March 2019

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