• Terry Starbuck before and after

                            Star client drops 67kg, rediscovers passions

                            Terry Starbuck didn’t run for the best part of 30 years before consulting The University of Queensland Nutrition and Dietetics Practice at Ipswich.

                            24 July 2015
                          • Future education demand generates discussion

                            Ensuring growth in higher education offerings in one of Australia’s fastest growth corridors is the focus of discussions between The University of Queensland (UQ) and the University of Southern Queensland (USQ).

                            5 September 2013
                          • UQ's Ipswich Campus open to public on August 7

                            The public will have the chance to discover study options in Ipswich, when The University of Queensland Ipswich Campus holds an open day on August 7 from 2.30pm to 6.30pm.

                            6 August 2013
                          Everyone is encouraged to come along to UQ's St Lucia Open Day on Sunday 4 August.

                          Thousands of people are expected to flock to The University of Queensland’s St Lucia Open Day on Sunday 4 August for a taste of life at UQ.

                          31 July 2013

                          As The University of Queensland celebrates 100 years of producing great graduates, over 100 Ipswich students are preparing to graduate today.

                          15 July 2013
                          Fifth year dental student Brett Steele and Senior Dental Assistant Julie Davidson outside UQ's new dental clinic at the Ipswich campus

                          A new dental clinic at The University of Queensland Ipswich campus opens to the public in March, adding to local dental services and offering an alternative to private and Queensland Health community clinics.

                          27 February 2013

                          The University of Queensland School of Medicine and the University's Ipswich Campus will host a special Cocktail Reception in honour of the inaugural graduates from the Ipswich Medicine Program tomorrow, Tuesday, December 11.

                          10 December 2012

                          The University of Queensland Ipswich Campus will host one of its largest end-of-year graduation ceremonies tomorrow to cater for its increasing student population.

                          10 December 2012

                          The University of Queensland, UQ College and the Western Corridor NRL Bid have extended their partnership in education programs with the aim of broadening educational opportunities, encouraging Indigenous students to take the next step to tertiary...

                          7 August 2012

                          The University of Queensland will hold a Sustainability Market between 11am and 2pm at the Ipswich Campus, on Challinor Court on August 1.

                          31 July 2012
                          University of Queensland medical students (L to R) Kobi Haworth, Rebecca Adams and Andrew Taylor outside the Auditorium prepare for this year's Ipswich Campus Open Day.

                          UQ Ipswich Open Day is the perfect opportunity for you to experience what it is like to be part of The University of Queensland (UQ).

                          20 July 2012

                          Queensland is set for an influx of newly skilled graduates next week, as more than 4000 students from The University of Queensland celebrate the completion of their studies.

                          13 July 2012

                          The new auditorium at The University of Queensland's Ipswich Campus has won a major award for public architecture.

                          4 July 2012

                          A large group of Ipswich students upgrading their academic, library and life skills through the QUEST program were honoured on May 30.

                          31 May 2012

                          With the highest OP requirements in Queensland, The University of Queensland School of Nursing and Midwifery will welcome more than 200 new students into its undergraduate programs in 2012.

                          17 February 2012

                          The University of Queensland Ipswich Campus today welcomes 90 new students to begin their studies in Medicine.

                          17 January 2012

                          The University of Queensland is piloting a new course to enhance the academic writing and critical thinking skills of students about to commence Year 12.

                          17 January 2012

                          The University of Queensland has welcomed a Federal Government announcement of $67 million as part of a scheme to assist more students from disadvantaged backgrounds attend university.

                          20 December 2011

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