• An inspirational example of the fruits of peace in Colombia.

                            Swapping rifles for rafting in the name of peace

                            Former Colombian guerrillas who are in the process of reintegration into society as whitewater rafting guides will appear at two free events held at The University of Queensland this week.

                            20 May 2019
                          • A visiting student from Africa examines a gem stone.

                            Africa’s emerging leaders in small-scale mining on CQ study tour

                            Australia’s world-leading expertise in small-scale mining is being showcased to 30 emerging leaders from the African mining sector as they visit the Gladstone and Emerald regions in Central Queensland.

                            26 February 2019
                          • UQ partnership to boost research impact

                            A partnership between The University of Queensland and the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IITD) will pave the way for students and academics to address issues affecting India, Australia and global communities.

                            24 September 2018
                          Africa’s emerging agriculture leaders visit Southern Queensland

                          World-leading irrigation practices in the Darling Downs and Lockyer Valley are being showcased to 31 emerging leaders in agriculture from across Africa

                          14 August 2018

                          University of Queensland Chancellor Mr Peter Varghese has called for education to be a ‘flagship sector’ as Australia seeks to lift trade and investment ties with India.

                          17 July 2018

                          Student entrepreneurs from The University of Queensland’s Idea Hub are taking on Tel Aviv’s world-leading start-up scene in the exclusive UQ Startup Adventures.

                          21 December 2017
                          An African elephant in Tanzania ... the extinction process begins earlier than scientists previously understood. (Image: Wikipedia Commons)

                          Skyrocketing prices for rare animal products can push species to extinction even when their populations are abundant, researchers say.

                          5 December 2017

                          The Australian Government has awarded scholarships to three University of Queensland students as part of its New Colombo Plan (NCP) 2018 round.

                          29 November 2017
                          Professor Justin Kenardy, Assoc Prof Vanessa Cobham, Dr Karen Milligan, HRH Prince Charles

                          An international team of mental health experts, including two University of Queensland researchers, has developed a framework to help children recover from trauma, with the support of The Prince of Wales.

                          25 October 2017
                          Professor André Drenth

                          The University of Queensland’s Professor André Drenth will be one of the first scientists to participate in a new Indonesian Government program that aims to strengthen Indonesia’s global research collaborations and boost food security.

                          4 October 2017

                          The University of Queensland and the University of Exeter have reinforced their strong relationship by cementing a new partnership designed to bolster their joint global research impact.

                          2 June 2017
                          Cross section of a cystic kidney - Maria Rondon Galeano, UQ IMB

                          A new gene behind a rare form of inherited childhood kidney disease has been identified by a global research team.

                          23 May 2017
                          Professor Matt sanders

                          An international parenting program developed at The University of Queensland is featuring in United Kingdom election campaigning.

                          17 May 2017
                          Tawal locals, Nepal

                          More than a year after the Gorkha earthquake killed nearly 9000 people in Nepal, two University of Queensland students visiting the region found destroyed classrooms and a health clinic replaced with a tent.

                          21 December 2016

                          An international study led by University of Queensland researchers seeks to understand how white and tiger shark populations have changed over time.

                          21 December 2016
                          From left, Michael Lucas; UQ Global Engagement Deputy Director Dr Jessica Gallagher, Caitlin Gordon-King, Sophie Ryan, Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop, Kate Goodfruit, Rachel Dodds, Elsie Schuster and Alexander Williams

                          Seven University of Queensland undergraduates will study in destinations around the Indo Pacific region after being named as 2017 Fellows and scholars under the New Colombo Plan.

                          2 December 2016
                          Leigh Sainty and his mother Rose (right), with wife Yuka, daughter Momo and stepfather Stuart McKenzie (left)

                          Imagine being 36 years old, father to a young daughter, paralysed in a foreign country and unable to communicate. This happened to Australian Leigh Sainty earlier this year when he underwent drastic surgery in Japan to remove a malignant brain...

                          2 December 2016

                          The University of Queensland’s Triple P – Positive Parenting Program will be showcased at the White House today as part of an initiative to improve outcomes for boys and young men of colour, and all youth.

                          17 October 2016

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