Industry collaborations help ensure the best in discovery and development

                          UniQuest, The University of Queensland’s commercialisation company, will partner with Pfizer’s Centers for Therapeutic Innovation (CTI) in the hope of creating and developing a drug candidate for the treatment of cancer.

                          3 June 2019
                          Photo of pills and tablets

                          Some doctors fear litigation and professional ruin if they are seen to have overprescribed opioids to terminally ill patients, according to a University of Queensland researcher.

                          31 May 2019

                          A psychology outreach clinic for high school students is the first of its kind in Australia, thanks to a partnership between The University of Queensland and Marsden State High School.

                          16 May 2019

                          Instead of slowing down, New Zealanders appear to increase their pre-drinking after the age of 30, a University of Queensland study has found.

                          13 May 2019

                          Adolescents who self-harm experience heightened sensations across their skin and misjudge bodily cues such as hunger and headaches, University of Queensland-led research has found.

                          8 May 2019
                          The competition will raise money for spinal cord injury research

                          A world-wide competition will pit human against machine in a virtual high-tech car chase this weekend.

                          3 May 2019

                          A large genetic study revealing new insights about how genes influence birth weight could eventually help ensure babies are born at a healthy weight.

                          2 May 2019

                          Climate change could affect occurrences of diseases like bird-flu and Ebola, with environmental factors playing a larger role than previously understood in animal-to-human disease transfer.

                          1 May 2019

                          Administering ibuprofen immediately after birth may reduce brain damage in tiny growth-restricted babies, University of Queensland researchers have found.

                          18 April 2019
                          Dr Deborah Walsh, Minister for the Prevention of Domestic and Family Violence Di Farmer, Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences Executive Dean Professor Bruce Abernethy

                          A textbook designed to prepare students to work with victims and perpetrators of domestic violence has been published by a University of Queensland researcher.

                          18 April 2019
                          Children learn to like a wide variety of healthy foods through exposure in their early years

                          Thrifty parents in low-income households could be inadvertently encouraging unhealthy fussy eating habits in their children.

                          17 April 2019
                           A group of children at the UQ camp.

                          An eight-year-old boy with cerebral palsy hopes to be able to put on his socks by himself and stand at the kitchen bench to make his own lunch following a trial of intensive therapy this school holidays.

                          11 April 2019
                          LGBTQI graphic

                          Diversity training for physiotherapists could help overcome care concerns among LGBTIQ+ clients, a University of Queensland study has found.

                          9 April 2019

                          The presence of different strains of grass pollen in the atmosphere can help predict when hay fever and asthma could strike, a study involving a University of Queensland researcher has found.

                          9 April 2019

                          Parents who experience stillbirth or neonatal death will be offered “the best possible care in the worst possible circumstance”, thanks to guidelines developed by the Stillbirth Centre of Research Excellence and The University of Queensland.

                          2 April 2019

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