• Gatton Gold Medal winner Dr Glen Simpson

                            International agriculture pioneer wins Gatton Gold

                            Agriculture and soil scientist Dr Glen Simpson has been awarded The University of Queensland Gatton Gold Medal for improving the welfare of communities around the world.

                            6 December 2018
                          • The new World War I Roll of Honour at UQ's Gatton campus

                            UQ honours once-forgotten WWI soldiers

                            The names of 15 forgotten World War I soldiers have been added to a new Roll of Honour plaque unveiled at The University of Queensland’s Gatton campus in time for the 100th anniversary of the armistice.

                            9 November 2018
                          • Close up of horses front hoofs

                            Program helps horse owners with speedier diagnosis

                            An educational program is helping horse owners and vets to recognise and treat two hormonal conditions which are the most common causes of founder.

                            11 October 2018
                          Gus (left) with sisters Skye and Storm

                          Nine-year-old Rhodesian ridgeback cross Gus has participated in an innovative Australian pilot study for dogs with cancer, which has achieved some positive results.

                          27 April 2018

                          The effects of a breathing condition in thoroughbred and tall horses is set to be reduced by new University of Queensland treatment techniques.

                          5 April 2018

                          Fifteen eastern longneck turtle hatchlings have a fighting chance at life after they were rescued and incubated as eggs by veterinary technician at The University of Queensland.

                          24 January 2018
                          UQ Vet Science students in equine emergency and critical care practical.

                          Veterinary students can now hone their clinical skills in a new $1.5 million training facility at The University of Queensland’s Gatton campus.

                          6 September 2017

                          Global US food and animal safety company Neogen Corporation is establishing an animal genomics facility at The University of Queensland Gatton campus in a move that will reinforce UQ’s capacity to support the livestock industry and animal breeders.

                          1 September 2017
                          Market days are the big events of the O-Week calendar

                          More than 14,000 new students are due to begin their studies at The University of Queensland next week, and a plethora of Orientation Week Festival activities are under way at the St Lucia and Gatton campuses from today.

                          20 February 2017

                          AS the summer heat hits Queensland, UQ School of Veterinary Science staff are warning pet owners to ensure they keep their furry friends cool.

                          12 January 2017
                          Dr Wallace Taylor: Photo by Inga Stünzner, Queensland Country Life

                          A Rockhampton researcher who has devoted more than 50 years to improving the socio-economics of rural and regional communities in Australia and developing economies has been honoured with The University of Queensland 2016 Gatton Gold Medal.

                          5 December 2016

                          School students are the winners of this year’s Country Challenge on Campus – and the race hasn’t even started.

                          6 October 2016

                          Cows that pass you on the right might be giving you the “evil eye”, according to an international study that could help cattle breeders reduce animal stress and anxiety levels.

                          26 July 2016
                          GSHP unit operating at UQ Gatton Library.

                          Maintaining the temperature of large buildings uses a huge amount of energy, but a new system at The University of Queensland’s Gatton campus is doing just this, while using a fraction of the electricity.

                          13 July 2016

                          The University of Queensland welcomes almost 11,000 new students this week, with a range of Orientation Week activities at the St Lucia and Gatton campuses.

                          23 February 2016

                          Bigger will definitely be better for more than 3000 students who plant sunflowers on Tuesday (23 February) in the 2016 University of Queensland Sunflower competition.

                          18 February 2016
                          Healthy and happy: Police Dog Maui underwent the preventative surgery.

                          German shepherd PD Maui and his canine colleagues are lean, keen policing machines, thanks to important surgery at The University of Queensland’s Gatton campus.

                          16 September 2015
                          Eva and Associate Professor Bob Donely at the UQ Veterinary Medical Centre. Photo: Jamie Hanson, The Courier-Mail

                          Wedge-tailed eagle Eva has found a new home with Australia Zoo, following treatment from a University of Queensland vet.

                          17 June 2015

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