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                          Two rescued koalas treated for a life-threatening disease will be released back into the wild by Queensland researchers as part of a project to help protect the threatened species and improve genetic diversity.

                          2 May 2019
                          Dr Louwrens Hoffman

                          University of Queensland researchers are investigating the use of maggots, locusts and other alternative proteins in a range of specialty foods.

                          1 May 2019

                          Climate change could affect occurrences of diseases like bird-flu and Ebola, with environmental factors playing a larger role than previously understood in animal-to-human disease transfer.

                          1 May 2019
                          More investment is needed in protected area management

                          Maintaining existing conservation areas might be a more cost-effective investment than expansion, according to new UQ-led research.

                          29 April 2019

                          The world needs a new international protected area target based on scientific evidence, according to a team including University of Queensland scientists.

                          11 April 2019

                          The first plan for conserving the river Nile’s highly threatened biodiversity has been developed by a University of Queensland-led team.

                          9 April 2019

                          For the first time, the Great Barrier Reef will be mapped in unprecedented 3D detail thanks to a collaboration between Australia’s lead managers of the Reef and spatial experts.

                          8 April 2019
                          Southbank's Rain Bank in Brisbane

                          Researchers from The University of Queensland have helped to develop a four-point plan to create more sustainable, liveable, prosperous and resilient cities.

                          27 March 2019

                          Warming coral reefs are losing their capacity to feed themselves from sunlight, making nutritious deep ocean water critical for their survival, according to a University of Queensland study.

                          26 March 2019
                          A plains-wanderer

                          A successful rabbit cull two decades ago has had unforeseen consequences, with a study finding wedge-tailed eagles are now preying on one of Australia’s rarest birds.

                          19 March 2019
                          Coral reefs are among the most threatened ecosystems on Earth

                          Global warming and acidifying oceans are creating an intense competition between coral and algae that both are set to lose.

                          18 March 2019

                          New research has revealed that human threats – like hunting and land clearing – are severely limiting the areas in which species can survive.

                          13 March 2019
                          Professor Henry is conducting the first gene-editing experiments to effectively produce biofuels and bioplastics

                          Gene-editing sugarcane for use in renewable energy and bio-plastics could help secure the industry’s future.

                          11 March 2019
                          Copper will be crucial in a renewable-powered future, but global supplies are far from guaranteed

                          Researchers have identified a matrix of risks that the mining industry must overcome to unlock vitally important copper reserves.

                          6 March 2019

                          A stocktake of Australia’s animal havens – conservation areas free of cats and foxes – has found that they have already prevented 13 mammal extinctions.

                          5 March 2019

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