• Smartphone app to diagnose respiratory diseases

                            Technology developed by University of Queensland researchers that analyses a person’s cough could help diagnose respiratory disorders quickly and easily in patients who lack access to doctors.

                            7 June 2019
                          • Designing homes to help our health

                            Many people underestimate the power our homes have to heal and contribute to our wellbeing, according to University of Queensland alumnus, architect Anthony Clarke.

                            5 June 2019
                          • Ten years of play at the UQ Interaction Design Exhibit

                            The next generation of user experience design professionals from The University of Queensland are combining their skills for the 10th year to create a playful, hands-on exhibit for all ages.

                            28 May 2019
                          There is little agreement on an accepted definition of energy literacy, say the report's authors.

                          A new report prepared by University of Queensland sustainability and energy technology experts aims to push Australia closer to “energy literacy”.

                          23 May 2019
                          Pretty colour patterns

                          A research team has developed a light beam device that could lead to faster internet, clearer images of space and more detailed medical imaging.

                          21 May 2019

                          Bee venom that can be used for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and research into dementia, HIV and arthritis can now be easily and profitably harvested thanks to a University of Queensland student’s invention.

                          10 May 2019
                          The full UQ Space team, ready to watch their projects lift off at Thunda Down Under 2019.

                          Experiments furthering humanity’s ambitions in space are to be launched later this week by University of Queensland students.

                          15 April 2019

                          An international team of researchers has discovered a cost-effective way to generate electricity without producing greenhouse gas emissions – while also reducing air pollution.

                          11 April 2019
                          Southbank's Rain Bank in Brisbane

                          Researchers from The University of Queensland have helped to develop a four-point plan to create more sustainable, liveable, prosperous and resilient cities.

                          27 March 2019
                          A diabetic performs a pin-prick test.

                          Breakthrough artificial intelligence developed in Queensland could improve insulin dosing for diabetics and transform the way aeroplane engine wear and tear is monitored.

                          25 March 2019
                          ilab's Germinate Plus participants will have up to $30,000 in legal services available to them.

                          Up-and-coming entrepreneurs in a University of Queensland accelerator program are being given access to expert legal services – and will only have to pay the bill if their startup is a success.

                          7 March 2019
                          A visiting student from Africa examines a gem stone.

                          Australia’s world-leading expertise in small-scale mining is being showcased to 30 emerging leaders from the African mining sector as they visit the Gladstone and Emerald regions in Central Queensland.

                          26 February 2019

                          The growing problem of plastic pollution is an issue being tackled by chemical engineers at The University of Queensland in conjunction with government and industry.

                          19 February 2019

                          The University of Queensland has published a free magazine on intelligent machines and the brain to help people sort through fact and fiction on this increasingly hot topic.

                          5 February 2019

                          UQ researchers have produced a range of educational resources aimed at tackling safety risks for workers in the gemstone industry.

                          1 February 2019
                          UQ alumnus Nick Georgiou works his laptop at a Brandtools desk

                          Just a week into a University of Queensland accelerator program for startups, one of the participants has attracted his first paying customer.

                          23 January 2019
                          Walking robots are set to be much more affordable

                          Walking robots could soon assist in search and rescue missions or deliver your groceries now that a new system has been developed to bring a more affordable option to the market.

                          16 January 2019

                          A pioneer program at The University of Queensland will see students work with industry experts to design and manufacture smart devices to create a smart home.

                          13 December 2018

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