An inspirational example of the fruits of peace in Colombia.

                          Former Colombian guerrillas who are in the process of reintegration into society as whitewater rafting guides will appear at two free events held at The University of Queensland this week.

                          20 May 2019
                          Artist Lara Merrett

                          Artist Lara Merrett will 'harness the community’s creative input' in a 10-day outdoor studio at the UQ Art Museum from next Monday.

                          24 April 2019
                          LGBTQI graphic

                          Diversity training for physiotherapists could help overcome care concerns among LGBTIQ+ clients, a University of Queensland study has found.

                          9 April 2019
                          Immigration is a particularly charged political issue, researcher Timothy Gravelle says.

                          Australians’ willingness to accept immigrants and asylum seekers is heavily influenced by the neighbourhoods they live in, a University of Queensland researcher has found.

                          9 April 2019
                          Dr Katalin Trencsényi

                          Internationally renowned drama expert, researcher and theatre-maker Dr Katalin Trencsényi has been named The University of Queensland’s Creative Fellow for 2019.

                          28 February 2019

                          UQ Art Museum will encourage deeper engagement across the University with a new-look 2019 program of immersive artwork, artist-conceived installations and the reinterpreting of the University’s art collection.

                          13 February 2019

                          Hundreds of people are expected to join a lantern parade lighting the way to safety awareness at The University of Queensland St Lucia campus next month.

                          13 February 2019
                          Professor Anita Heiss joins UQ

                          The University of Queensland has welcomed multi-award winning writer and Indigenous rights champion Dr Anita Heiss as a Professor of Communication.

                          12 February 2019
                          Naomi Blacklock, Padma 2018

                          Inexplicable occurrences, the supernatural, sexual power and the potency of the natural world are among ideas explored by artists in a new exhibition opening at UQ Art Museum on 1 March.

                          5 February 2019

                          UQ Art Museum will say goodbye to its popular Play On: The art of sport exhibition with a ‘closing ceremony’ – a community event featuring some of the state’s elite athletes.

                          23 January 2019
                          Graham Ackhurst

                          An Aboriginal writer who ‘gained a second chance at life’ following treatment for a rare cancer has become the first Indigenous recipient of the Fulbright W.G. Walker scholarship.

                          18 December 2018
                          Rainbow socks in running shoes

                          Lesbian, gay and bisexual (LGB) Australians continue to experience significant disadvantage when it comes to health and wellbeing compared to their heterosexual peers, a University of Queensland study has found.

                          14 December 2018

                          Dancers often report achieving transcendent states of consciousness during peak performance, and a University of Queensland study has shown these ‘in the zone’ states continue into later life.

                          10 December 2018

                          A donation by the Queensland Friends of the Australian Archaeological Institute in Athens (QFAAIA) has allowed UQ’s RD Milns Antiquities Museum to buy a rare Bronze Age chariot figurine from Greece.

                          15 November 2018
                          Shaun Gladwell The archer (after Chuang Tzu) 2014

                          A distinctly Australian exhibition bringing together a decade of artwork exploring sport and sporting culture will open on 24 November at UQ Art Museum.

                          16 October 2018

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