1 April 2019

                          University of Queensland experts are available to comment on issues around the 2019 Federal Budget. Journalists can contact the following experts below or search by topic or name at UQ Experts.



                          Professor John Quiggin, School of Economics:

                          Expertise: Australian economic policy, public asset sales, infrastructure projects, drought and economics, water and economics, environment/climate change and economics, economic growth, tax, employment policy, and ‘zombie economics’.

                          Contact: [email protected], +61 7 3346 9646, +61 400 747 165, @JohnQuiggin.


                          Professor John Mangan, Australian Institute for Business and Economics:

                          Expertise: labour economics, industrial economics, taxation policy, climate change economics, water and economics, economic growth.

                          Contact: [email protected], +61 7 3346 1630, +61 434 367 480.


                          Dr Brendan Markey-Towler, School of Economics:

                          Expertise: microeconomic policy and regulation, innovation and startup policy, industry economics, economic development and growth.

                          Contact: [email protected], +61 7 3346 7058, +61 448 213 904, @B_MarkeyTowler.


                          Professor Flavio Menezes, School of Economics:

                          Expertise: regulation and market design (including in energy, transport, environment and health), public procurement, taxation, general comment on Australian economic policy.

                          Contact: [email protected].



                          Dr Karen Alpert, School of Business:

                          Expertise: taxation, corporate finance, superannuation.

                          Contact: [email protected], +61 7 3346 8003, @finmusings.


                          Professor Steve Gray, School of Business:

                          Expertise: financial modelling, corporate finance, empirical finance and asset pricing, interest rates.

                          Contact: [email protected], +61 7 3346 8032.


                          Professor Andrew Griffiths, Executive Dean of Faculty of Business, Economics and Law:

                          Expertise: innovation and sustainability, corporate sustainability, climate change and business.

                          Contact: [email protected], +61 7 3365 6204, @Profagriffiths.


                          Dr Mamiza Haq, School of Business:

                          Expertise: corporate finance, financial institutions, financial crises.

                          Contact: [email protected], +61 7 3346 8003.


                          Associate Professor Jacquelyn Humphrey, School of Business:

                          Expertise: funds management, responsible/sustainable investment.

                          Contact: [email protected], +61 7 3346 8106.


                          Associate Professor Barry Oliver, Discipline Head of Finance in School of Business:

                          Expertise: corporate social responsibility, long-term financial modelling, decision-making under risk, sentiment and stock markets.

                          Contact: [email protected], +61 7 3346 8037.


                          Dr Sarel Gronum

                          Expertise: Innovation leadership, entrepreneurship, SME growth and performance, business model innovation. Sarel can discuss how the budget may affect small-to-medium businesses.

                          Contact: [email protected], +61 3 346 8168.


                          Mark Tanner, UQ Business School

                          Expertise: Financial planning, corporate finance, financial services, investment analysis, executive financial management. Mark can help decipher what the budget means for individual Australians and their financial planning.

                          Contact: [email protected], +61 7 334 68186.



                          Professor Graeme Orr, School of Law:

                          Expertise: law relating to politics, elections, finance, labour and employment, and how elections are regulated and run.

                          Contact: [email protected], +61 7 3365 3014, +61 434 525 398, @Graeme_Orr.


                          Dr Vicky Comino, School of Law:

                          Expertise: Banking Royal Commission, corporate and financial services regulation, corporation law/wrongdoing/corruption, corporate crime, directors’ duties.

                          Contact: [email protected], +61 7 3365 2549, +61 407 156 829.


                          Associate Professor David Morrison, School of Law:

                          Expertise: government policy relating to taxation and superannuation.

                          Contact: [email protected], +61 7 3365 3494. 



                          Dr Chris Salisbury, School of Political Science and International Studies:

                          Expertise: Australian state and federal politics, Australia’s social and political history, budget and election analysis.

                          Contact: [email protected], +61 7 3365 2698, +61 439 883 731, @cgsalisbury



                          Professor Karen Hussey, UQ Centre for Policy Futures:

                          Expertise: climate change, sustainability and environment policy.

                          Contact: [email protected], +61 7 3443 3154, +61 420 537 169.


                          Associate Professor Matt McDonald, School of Political Science and International Studies:

                          Expertise: climate change.

                          Contact: [email protected], +61 7 3365 3042, +61 451 302 030, @MattM_UQ.


                          Dr Ian MacKenzie, School of Economics:

                          Expertise: environmental and resource economics, the economics of climate change, and environmental policy, mining, pollution regulation and recycling as it relates to economics.

                          Contact: [email protected], +61 7 3365 6619.



                          Dr Ian Hardy, School of Education

                          Expertise: educational policy and practice, particularly in relation to teachers’ learning.

                          Contact: [email protected] +61 7 3365 6425.


                          Defence and foreign policy

                          Associate Professor Matt McDonald, School of Political Science and International Studies:

                          Expertise: foreign and defence policy, aid funding.

                          Contact: [email protected], +61 7 3365 3042, +61 451 302 030, @MattM_UQ.


                          Media: UQ Communications, [email protected], +61 7 3365 1120.


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