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                          Callers from outside the University will need to add a prefix to the extension number provided.
                          Please note additional requirements for UQ Gatton extensions*.

                          For extension 5xxxx, eg. 51111, add 336 = 336-51111

                          For extension 6xxxx, eg. 61111, add 334 = 334-61111

                          For extension 11xxx, eg. 11111, add 338 = 338-11111

                          For extension 12xxx, eg. 12111, add 338 = 338-12111

                          For extension 13xxx, eg. 13111, add 338 = 338-13111

                          For extension 15xxx, eg. 15111, add 535 = 535-15111

                          For extension 3xxxx, eg. 37200, add 344 = 344-37200

                          Gatton extensions:
                          Add 54601 to the last three digits of the extension.
                          For extension 5xxxx, eg. 50350 = 54601-350

                          For extension 15xxx
                          Add 535 to the extension, eg. 15111 = 535-15111

                          From outside Queensland
                          The prefix is 07 eg. 3365 1111 = 07 3365 1111

                          From outside Australia
                          The prefix is +61 7 eg. 3365 1111 = +61 7 3365 1111

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                          Future Students Contact Centre

                          (07) 3346 9872

                          UQ Postal Address

                          The University of Queensland
                          Brisbane QLD 4072 Australia

                          UQ Switchboard

                          +61 7 3365 1111
                          *Internal callers from all
                          campuses, just dial 9
                          Mon - Fri | 8am - 5pm

                          Campus Contacts

                          UQ Gatton
                          +61 7 5460 1201


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