The University of Queensland is governed by a 22-member Senate representing University and community interests. Senate is led by the Chancellor, elected by the Senate. The University of Queensland Act 1998 grants Senate wide powers to appoint staff, manage and control University affairs and property, and manage and control finances to promote the University's interests.


                          The Vice-Chancellor is the University's chief executive officer and responsible to the Senate for the overall direction of strategic planning, finance and external affairs.

                          The Vice-Chancellor is supported by an Executive to whom most of the University's organisational units report. The Executive comprises:

                          Each provides advice on policy and administrative matters relating to his or her area of responsibility (see Organisational Chart).

                          Academic Board

                          The Academic Board is the University's senior academic advisory body. Its members include the:

                          The Board formulates policy on academic matters including new programs, teaching, learning and assessment, research, promotions, student academic matters, prizes and scholarships. An Academic Board member is elected annually as its President. The President is assisted by a half-time Deputy President.

                          For more details about the University's organisational structure and the relationship between its organisational units, use the organisational units database.

                          Governance section


                          Principal Officers of the University of Queensland

                          Vice-Chancellor抯 Committee


                          Executive Deans

                          Institute Directors

                          UQ senior staff

                          Right to Information and Privacy

                          UQ's Integrity and Accountability Reform Program

                          Vice-Chancellor and President抯 addresses to staff

                          Mr Peter N Varghese AO, Chancellor

                          BA (Hons), H.DLitt Qld Contact Phone: +61 (7) 3365 1304 Fax: +61 (7) 3365 1266 E-mail: [email protected]

                          Vice-Chancellor抯 Risk and Compliance Committee (VCRCC)

                          The Vice-Chancellor’s Risk and Compliance Committee (VCRCC) has been established by the Vice Chancellor and President of UQ to: Provide assurance to the Vice Chancellor’s Committee (VCC) that UQ’s governance, ris...

                          Internal Audit

                          The University of Queensland’s Internal Audit team provides independent advice and assurance on the effectiv...

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